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To be, Entertained

When I began writing eight years ago, I intended to help others by sharing knowledge. It brought me the growth I sought. Readers acknowledged, related, and were supportive.

My writing evolved. As Desi, Walton, and The Quest Logs, were born, I ventured into humor articles, and a new value emerged. I felt happy simply entertaining readers. The “hard work” and seriousness I felt before did not make me happy.

Being serious makes me feel that I’m looking for others to have a certain response; seeking their approval. As an author, or someone who is creative, it’s imperative that approval of others be the last thing on my mind during the creative process.

Desi---Action---3Humor and fantasy writing has opened my heart, and I feel great joy when I write my stories. I will, for entertainment as my value in writing, keep my works short. I want readers to laugh and smile, even if only on the inside. I want readers to feel they have joined my characters in their trials, victories, and growth.

I have taken my 120,000+ fourth draft, and ripped it to shreds — digitally, anyway. I am nearly done with my first short story, which I only started working on a couple months ago. What was originally 8,000 or so words of that 120,000, has grown to nearly 30,000 words of an entertaining introduction to the world of The Quest Logs – no, more importantly, Desi‘s experience of The Quest Logs.

When Your Characters Write Their Flaws

I love it when I feel that my beloved characters take on a life of their own. When I write and discover that they are determining the decisions they make, I feel a loss of control, but a joy of pride. A pride that I have given to them the freedom of choice and expression, and try as I might to control their story, they seem to surprise me.

The other night, as I was planning future stories, Desi Baron surprised me with her own twist on her character. It’s something I won’t reveal, but it’s nice to see that not only has she chosen her own traits, but also her flaws. It has certainly transformed her story into something great, and her into a more believable woman.