DesiFlowerDesi Baron

From a splotch of sand in the western sea, she ventured forth to chase down the wicked man who killed her sister. She travels the Anzerik Continent in search of revenge, while fulfilling her thirst for treasure and rare finds.


WaltonJumpWalton Boshire

The only man in Broke who fought and slayed a dragon, thus earning the sole title of Knight. He protects the royal family from all dangers. After the kidnapping of the princess, he swears to rescue her, while fighting his own demons.


Captain Whiteboot, Sandoval, Samson, and other Pirates

In search of Bayohart’s treasure, Whiteboot and his band of pirates travel the seas, seeking valuables and good times alike. He and his crew cross paths with the protagonists and antagonists alike, in a struggle to strike it rich.

The Mages

Demons of the shadows living in the realm between life and death. The eternal darkness of immortality haunts them since the day of the Great Frost. Some of them want to end their never ending undead, and others want to put a choke hold upon humanity and dominate it forever.

Emmi, The King, and other Royal Pains in the Ass

The Princess, The King of Broke, and other royal pains across the continent. These characters command soldiers in arms whilst managing villages of farms, and fulfilling the expected pompous stuckupedness expected of those born to nobility.

Ashley, Manchu, and other Wizards

Across the world of Farago are few wizards, each wise ass in their own way. Good, bad, and sometimes both or neither, they spend their days reading, explaining, and tossing thunderbolts from their towers.


Other Characters

Dragons, raccoons, handyman fairies, orcs, goblins, and other talking animorphs, dotting the world with their tales of mischief and mayhem.

Fantasy Stories

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