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Charms and Confidence, Interview with Desi

“Desi”, I asked, “What is one item from your childhood that is most important to you?”

“Definitely my spider daisy, that my sister and I made.”

“How old were you when you and Merin made it?”

Desi pulled her orange spider daisy from her hair, made of fabric, and twirled it between her fingers. “I was about eight or nine. It was when we first lived on the island.”

I had to know, “What does it mean to you?”

Desi smiled and leaned back to think on this for a moment, for perhaps she had never questioned it. “It’s a symbol of our connection as sisters. We told each other the gift we made was our lucky charm. Since then I’ve felt I can do anything, with little question if it would work out.”

“What did you make for your sister?”

“This,” Desi answered, holding the puka shell necklace, one she has worn for several years now.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked that. “I’m sorry about your loss. I’m sure Merin was a loving person.”

“Thank you,” Desi replied. She seemed to take it well. Perhaps Desi thought of positive memories of her sister. Perhaps she thought how she could grow stronger from a lesson learned from the loss. “Now, I use it as a reminder, that I have more than one lucky charm; my sister’s confidence is with me.”

“Her spirit is with you?”

“Yes. Always.”