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Blank Page of Something New

It’s hard to look at a blank page and start something new. But isn’t that where this life – the universe – began? I’m not concerned with the origin of the existence of all things. What I am interested in is in starting something new for me.

Each time I set out to write something new, I feel that I don’t know enough. That people will balk at me; ignore me; trash me as someone who knows nothing. But don’t we all know nothing in the beginning? Aren’t we all here to be new to the world and the world new to us?

I will not let such ignorance of reality stand in front of me as a mocking crowd – of people who dared not to try, but often dared to decry those who try.

So I fail to “make it” as an author. Does this mean I failed as a human, and should feel ashamed? No, it does mean I should – no, want to – grow and learn from that failure. I don’t “pivot” or “realize it means I should do something else.” It simply means to learn and keep trying.